Refer a Friend. Get Paid. 

Revel IT’s Referral Program FAQ

Effective 10/11/2021

If you know an IT professional that you think would be interested in working with Revel IT, refer them to us! For every qualified candidate referral that you give us, you will receive $25 and up to $2500 additional if placed*. We are also giving away some fantastic prizes to our valued clients, candidates, and employees for referring qualified people to us! There’s no limit to how many referrals you can submit and we’re not just talking about friends and family here. Your trusted personal connections matter to us and we want to take care of you when they benefit from our services too!

How Does It Work?

There are no complicated steps to take part in our referral program, but there are some criteria that must be met in order for you to earn your rewards. First, each candidate referral must be evaluated by one of our recruiting staff members to ensure they meet certain job qualifications. Once your referrals are approved, we will pay you $25. 

Our company will give out rewards for every hired referral; these rewards may vary based on the position and need. Our referral rewards may be higher if we hire your referred candidate in a hard-to-fill role. Referrals will be qualified by answering a few screening questions. Your qualified referrals could also earn you other rewards as they move through the screening and interviewing process. 

What Makes a Qualified Referral?

A qualified referral is defined as being either qualified for the role they were referred for or in the case that a referral is a general referral and not tied to a specific role, the referral must be qualified for roles that we generally have available. Anyone not currently working with one of our recruiters (defined as being within the last 12 months) can be referred.

If you know someone who you think would be a good fit for a position at our company, feel free to refer them. If we end up hiring your referral, you are eligible for a reward based on the role for which they are hired.

Who Can Participate in Our Referral Program?

Vendors, Contractors, Consultants, Candidates, and Employees are eligible to refer candidates. Internal office staff and recruiters are not eligible for referral rewards.

How Can I Refer Someone?

There are many ways that we collect referrals. We may use online forms, collect referrals at an event or you can also reach out directly to our recruiters or sales team with referrals using their direct email addresses or by sending them to 

Keep in mind that rewards may be subject to taxation. If you are not a current employee, we may require you to complete a W9 tax form prior to receiving your rewards. If applicable, rewards will not be paid prior to receiving the signed form no matter how many days have passed since the referral was hired.

How Much Can I Earn?

Each qualified referral earns you $25, and if placed, you can earn up to $2,500 additionally**. It’s that easy. 

Giveaways & Additional Prizes

We may change our referral bonus program over time to add more interesting incentives. We also reserve the right to abolish certain rewards if they prove ineffective or inefficient. We’ll update this policy on our website and on all channels used to gather referrals. If your referred candidates are in interviewing status prior to a reward being abolished, you will still receive the outgoing/abolished reward. Any other referred candidates, not currently interviewing, will be considered part of the updated referral program. 

For the current promotion, each qualified referral counts as an entry into the $10k giveaway at the end of January 2022 and the car giveaway in June 2022. Plus, if the referrals are placed those count as additional entries for the car.

We’d like to remind our employees that we are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against protected classes. Our referred candidates may take precedence in the hiring process. We guarantee that all candidates will be given the same consideration and will pass through our established procedures.

How do I Get Started? 

First, be sure you are already working with an active recruiter at Revel IT. If not, give us a call at 614-336-1122 to get started! Next, visit to sign up and start referring your friends and trusted connections.  

*Terms and conditions apply, see Referral Program Policy for Details.

**Placement bonuses will be $1500 or $2500 based on the job category.